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High quality softgel manufacturing, specializing in OEM and Private Label Solutions.


Our Company

JT Naturals LLC, located in Joplin, Missouri, USA is a cGMP compliant manufacturer of Softgels. We provide high quality capsule manufacturing, specializing in OEM and Private Label Solutions.

Custom Packaging

JT Naturals has a top of the line labeling and bottling machine ready for your next project. Some of our many services include Private Labeling and Bulk Packaging. We manufacture for several key nutraceutical and dietary supplement companies.

Central Location

JT Naturals is located in Joplin, MO.  Our ship times, coast to coast are 3 days maximum.


Fastest Lead Times!

From formulation development to mixing, filling and packaging, JT Naturals can provide a turnkey solution for any customer requirement. We have the best lead times in the market and can ship worldwide, helping you meet your next deadline!

Quality Products

JT Naturals sources the highest quality raw materials with a focus on US Made Ingredients. All ingredients follow a systematic 3rd party lab testing procedure to insure the highest quality products.


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Omega-3 Fish Oil

The health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids are numerous and significant. Quality Omega-3 Fish Oil is the best source of EPA, DHA and DPA.

High quality capsule manufacturing.


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National Product Association

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cGMP Compliant

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